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Sierra College is a valued educational institution that provides community enrichment through sports, theater, music and cultural events. It is also Rocklin’s largest employer, a major source of economic activity and jobs.  Through its collaboration with Evergreen Sierra East, Cresleigh Homes, and USA Properties Sierra College is seeking to further advance its educational mission.

To meet the demands of a growing workforce and the educational requirements of over 13,000 local students, the Sierra College Board of Trustees proposed a 20-year Facility Master Plan (FMP) (PDF) in 2016. The plan calls for modernizing old buildings and the construction of several new ones, including a new science building, a public safety training center, and new student service buildings.  The recently constructed parking garage on campus has improved traffic flows and eliminated the need for off-campus parking which impacts surrounding neighborhoods.

The campus plan will be financed by Measure E, a bond measure approved by voters in June 2018 and proceeds from revenues from the surplus property (College Park) being developed by Evergreen Sierra East and Cresleigh Homes.


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